I care about making a difference in the lives of those who are struggling and suffering. Part of my conviction arises from my own experience with psychological challenges in life. The other part grows out of the astonishing changes I have witnessed when people are helped to grow into a life that matters to them.

If you are coping with any problems on the list below, I may be able to help:

  • depression or grief
  • anxiety, panic, obsessions and compulsions, or trauma
  • psychosis or mania
  • interpersonal or existential problems

Humans can suffer in a lot of different ways. But different kinds of suffering often have one thing in common – the usual efforts to cope with suffering often become ineffective and even counterproductive over time. If you have been working really hard to manage your own problems only to feel that they are getting worse, you may be a good candidate for counseling. See my Acceptance and Commitment Therapy page for some information on the type of counseling I provide. Contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of working with me.